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When do you know you are READY?

Cho Tin Tun - Thursday, July 19, 2012

It is a common reaction and thought that happens to everyone when developing some type of technology or in a simple word; "Going Live" online. The question is "When do you know that you are READY?" to have an online business. 

I believe there is no easy answer to this question but the only way to find out is to go ahead and TRY! Before going LIVE, I would recommend that there is a check list, which will aid you in the development of your online business. The list is to assist you when you are ready to select web services and developers for your business. Also, always remember to take time during the planning stage as a well-planned list will be a good foundation for your online business. 

At Steamboat eBusiness, I always recommend that every business follow their business philosophy and values! That is the only key to success. I make sure that Steamboat eBusiness understand those philosophies and values in order to provide the most suitable and best services for you! Feel free to drop me a line or two if you have any business ideas and would like to pursue your online business dream! or 970-846-6453.