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When do you know you are READY?

Cho Tin Tun - Thursday, July 19, 2012

It is a common reaction and thought that happens to everyone when developing some type of technology or in a simple word; "Going Live" online. The question is "When do you know that you are READY?" to have an online business. 

I believe there is no easy answer to this question but the only way to find out is to go ahead and TRY! Before going LIVE, I would recommend that there is a check list, which will aid you in the development of your online business. The list is to assist you when you are ready to select web services and developers for your business. Also, always remember to take time during the planning stage as a well-planned list will be a good foundation for your online business. 

At Steamboat eBusiness, I always recommend that every business follow their business philosophy and values! That is the only key to success. I make sure that Steamboat eBusiness understand those philosophies and values in order to provide the most suitable and best services for you! Feel free to drop me a line or two if you have any business ideas and would like to pursue your online business dream! or 970-846-6453.

Addition of eComm Shop at

Cho Tin Tun - Sunday, July 01, 2012
Steamboat eBusiness is happy to announce the addition of eCommerce shop at or URL: . This ethically responsible online shop embedded with socially supportive contributions will offer uniquely prepared and hand made products from many different artists all around the world. Hearts City online shop will allows you to be 'who you truly are' by doing what you love most: sharing your experiences and shopping for a cause! will offer eight unique categories:

1) Art: HeartsCity will offer many different kinds of art from around the world, but mainly concentrating on artists from Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar (Burma), Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and United States of America. Oil, Water color, and other mix media art will be offered through the  Hearts City Art Shop at 

2) Business: Products under the Business Category will mainly be for Steamboat eBusiness potential clients. Anyone who is interested in utilizing any services of Steamboat eBusiness will be able to obtain quotes via this catalog. In addition, different business packages will be listed and displayed here. 

3) Fashion: Many fashion products for men, women, and children will be offered through this category. Hearts City is anticipating the fashion category to be its largest offering through the eComm Shop. 

4) Gladly Yours: Gladly Yours category is the last category to be added into the HeartsCity online shop due to the need in social sharing and recycling of fashion. Simply put, this section of the HeartsCity shop will carry many different kinds of unique products, which have been lightly and gently used. 

5) Global Treasures: The best way to describe this category is to be able to browse through each and individual of the products. This category will consists of many different treasures from around-the-world! 

6) Lively and Unique: Any product, which is a live is listed under this category. The is anticipating to offer several kinds of house plants and succulents, which have been uniquely planted in terrariums. 

7) Locally Steamboat: As the talent and popularity of local artists grow, is proud to offer and recognize local artists and crafts makers. Be sure to support your local artists and subscribe to our Locally Steamboat page. 

8) One of a Kind: Any one-of-a-kind products will be listed under this category. 

The eComm Shop are is expected to be launching this fall 2012. I hope that you will stay tuned and register for updates on and Steamboat eBusiness products and services by filling in the form or check back in soon! 

First Message from Steamboat eBusiness

Cho Tin Tun - Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I would like to welcome you to my first blog post on Steamboat eBusiness. I am in the process of changing some materials on the website as well as posting some blogs regularly. I do hope that you would check back again. 

See you soon!